Meet the experts

In TOOsonix we believe in working with the best experts to get the best results.
We have selected a small number of key dermatologists and derma-oncologist to be the first to test our System ONE-M. Each have particular specialties and patient-bases where the new HIFU technology offers potential advantages over (or complements) existing methods used in the clinic. Read about these leading Centers of Excellence and medical experts within the new and exiting field of Dermatology HIFU below.

Jørgen Serup, M.D. Professor

Department of Dermatology

Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark


Professor Jørgen Serup is Chief Physician at the Department of Dermatology. He is the author of more than 300 scientific papers, editor of several conference proceedings and medical textbooks. He is the founding editor of Skin Research and Technology, a fully indexed peer-reviewed journal of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Prof. Serup has been instrumental in the development and application of several new methods, among others high frequency ultrasound diagnostics, and ranks as a pioneer in ultrasound and skin. Due to his unique specialist knowledge, Prof. Serup has been principal clinical investigator for TOOsonix since 2018.

The Clinic

Bispebjerg Hospital is a leading university hospital in the Capital Region of Denmark under the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Department of Dermatology at Bispebjerg Hospital is the largest within its field in Denmark. It is involved in diagnose, treatment and research of a broad range of dermatological disorders.

Special areas of interest include malignant and pre-malignant skin carcinomas, malignant melanoma, skin infections, hereditary and occupational skin disorders, deficiency diseases, lymphomas and skin manifestations of AIDS, including Kaposi sarcoma.

Why Prof. Serup chose TOOsonix HIFU

Laser, cryosurgery, photodynamic therapy and surgical methods have limitations in efficacy, or carry high risks of side effects and/or pain during the procedure. The TOOsonix HIFU systems provides a new modality for a range of treatments offered by the clinic with a beneficial effect/adverse-effect ratio.

Experimental treatments on various TOOsonix Systems have been performed at the Department of Dermatology since 2018. The work has gradually been expanded to include larger case-series and multicenter GCP clinical studies on non-melanoma skin cancer and genetically induced skin tumors. Today, HIFU is frequently used at the hospital for alternative treatments of patients seeking alternative options after failed treatment with standard options.

Jacek Calik, M.D. Ph.D

Department of Clinical Oncology, Wroclaw Medical University, Wroclaw, Poland

Old Town Clinic, Wroclaw, Poland


Jacek Calik, M.D, PhD is a renowned oncologist, an expert and specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer with special interest in skin cancers.

Over the last decade, Dr. Calik has become a leading authority in treating skin cancers using modern methods, including chemotherapy, molecular therapy, and immunotherapy. He is the founder of Academy of Dermoscopy, a leading educational and scientific hub for specialists interested in skin diagnostics based on dermoscopy and video-dermoscopy, including the lates advancements in AI.

Based on his impressive medical achievements Dr Calik was appointed as head of the Department of Clinical Oncology at Wroclaw Medical University in 2023. In addition, Dr Calik operates the privately owned dermatology clinic “Old Town Clinic” in Wroclaw, Poland 

The Clinics

The Department of Clinical Oncology, a part of Wroclaw Medical University, Poland, concentrates its activities on oncological patients who want to take full advantage of the latest treatment modalities, using chemotherapy and non-standard chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biological treatment, including immunotherapy, targeted treatment with monoclonal antibodies, targeted treatment with tyrosine kinase inhibitors. The department participates in numerous clinical trials on new drugs and, as a unit of the university hospital, in non-commercial and commercial research programs.

Old Town Clinic, Wroclaw, is a privately owned practice with a special focus on skin cancer prevention and diagnostics. The clinic specializes in dermoscopy, video dermoscopy, and full body mapping examinations with digital archiving, which is currently considered the best method of skin cancer follow-up and prevention but supplemented by diagnostic biopsies and active treatments when relevant.

Why Dr. Calik chose TOOsonix HIFU

Traditional methods for skin cancer therapy are characterized by relatively high rates of recurrences and side effects, such as scarring, hair-loss and hypopigmentation. The TOOsonix HIFU system, in contrast, provides an unprecedented accurate treatment modality with an improved efficacy and low levels of side effects. The device combines high resolution imaging and therapy due to its integrated dermoscope and can therefore facilitate an increased patient throughput for the clinic.

Several TOOsonix System ONE-M have been in operation at the hospital oncology clinic and Old Town Clinic since 2020. Several case series have been published by Dr Calik and his team using the TOOsonix devices, and larger systematical clinical studies on BCC and other indications are ongoing.