Plans for coming clinical study for removal of cutaneous neurofibroma presented to Danish NF1 Patient Association

TOOsonix and Professor Joergen Serup from University Hospital Bispebjerg Copenhagen were invited to share the plans for a coming clinical study to remove/reduce cutaneous neurofibromas in patients with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. The venue was the annual meeting in the Danish Neurofibromatosis patient association, with participation of a very active and motivated group from all over the country.

The presentation gave the details on the coming dual-center GCP study at Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen Denmark and Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg Sweden. The study is aimed at using the TOOsonix System ONE-M in a non-ablative modality, where open wounds are avoided, and the regular complications of pain, infection and scarring is drastically reduced.

The study aims at demonstrating a completely new therapeutic solution for patients suffering from Neurofibromatosis Type 1, the most common single-gene inherited condition worldwide (approximately 1 in 3000 people).

Visit the Danish NF accociation here