TOOsonix System ONE-M installed at dermatology clinic in Germany

A System ONE-M was installed in the private clinic of dermatologists Dr. Brinkmeier, Dr. Kurte and Dr. Rabenhorst at Hautärtzte am Markt in Germany. The clinic is located in Dortmund, the main city of Ruhr, and in the middle of an urban area with some 5.1 million inhabitants.

The Clinic has recently expanded to two separate locations in the very center of the city, where 10 medical doctors run an extremely busy and dynamic operation, offering a full spectrum of dermatological treatments.

We are very proud that TOOsonix HIFU has now been added to the spectrum of therapies, and we are committed to support the team to make this new technology a success for both clinic and patients.

Please visit the homepage of the clinic here.

We also strongly encourage you to visit, which is an impressive open access database for knowledge-sharing and publication within the dermatological community. The site is founded and administered by Dr Brinkmeier as an additional activity to the already substantial efforts needed from him in the two clinics.