TOOsonix System ONE-M installed at leading private hospital in Denmark.

We are very proud to have our System ONE-M installed at the leading private hospital in Denmark, Skin Centre Molholm.

At Skin Centre Molholm, highly skilled dermatologists and nurses handle a large number of treatments, ranging from skin cancer and pre-cancers over general skin diseases and pigmentary disorders to cosmetic treatments. The expertise within the center furthermore comprises advanced diagnosis and analytics to secure that patients get thorough guidance on the impressive range of available treatment modalities.

In parallel with the internal activities, the Skin Centre Molholm participates and coordinates state-of-the-art medical research in cooperation with university hospitals in Denmark through the recently formed Knowledge Center for Skin Cancer.

The TOOsonix System ONE-M will gradually be included in the daily work on skin diseases and cosmetic treatments in the clinics of Skin Centre Molholm. In TOOsonix we fully support this work and wish the staff all the best of luck with the coming period, where experience and routine will be build.

We very much hope that the equipment will become the preferred general dermatological tool and workhorse that we designed it to be. This way it will generate happy clients for the center, and help fulfill our vision of offering a quick, effective, and less painful dermatological treatment modality for every dermatology clinic.